Coding, Robotics, And App Development, Oh My! Tech Classes For Kids.

Learning to code, developing an app, and exploring robotics. There are more and more opportunities for kids to explore these technology-focused topics or grow their already budding interest in them. And some of the opportunities are located right here in the San Francisco Bay Area — woo hoo!

Many children thrive when it comes to technology, so why not feed that interest and check out a few opportunities that can help them harness their technology potential? We’ve rounded up a few current opportunities and a few “tag this post for next summer” opportunities that are worth checking into if your child has expressed interest in learning more about technology. As a bonus, none of the opportunities involve your children taking apart your electronics to see how they work!

Upcoming Technology Opportunities for Kids


The focus is on after-school programs led by Code Coaches. These Code Coaches become long-term mentors to those that attend after school courses and help teach kids how to code. And these Code Coaches are in the thick of coding themselves, so they are teaching from real-world experience. theCoderSchool offers two options: a more individualized program called Code Coaching® with a 2:1 teaching ratio and a traditional Code Class that is either software driven or static curriculum, with a larger teaching ratio.

TheCoderSchool also offers holiday and summer coding camps that are intended to keep your child’s interest in coding going during breaks from school.

Tech Rocks

Tech Rocks is a virtual, after school program that offers kids the opportunity to learn Typing & Coding from an Information Technology team. You pick the day of the week that you would like to have your child enrolled, and they have access to a three-hour window for a Typing & Coding session. In addition to learning, there is the opportunity to socialize with others in the course through collaborative online games.

Tech Rocks also offers summer camps. In 2021 all summer camps were virtual, focused on typing and coding, and offered opportunities to explore areas like website development, mobile apps, and gaming.


CodeRev offers a slew of instruction options and live online coding courses, including Minecraft Level Design & Engineering, MathCraft, Game Design, 3D Modeling and Animation, and more. The courses are live, which means they are on a specific date, at a specific time. Class style includes structured group classes, private one on one classes, or semi-private classes. There is also the option to purchase a five-class pack, or a ten-hour pack.

CodeRev also offers summer camps. In 2021 camps were offered as in-person or virtual and focused on a range of topics, including Adventures in Programming, Roblox studio Game Design, and Rev Engineering.

iD Tech

iD Tech is offering online Fall lessons on topics such as Scratch Learning, HTML for Web Design, Intro to Game Design (2D) with Godot as well as a variety of tutoring options. Most classes are private, although there are a few online bootcamp sessions.

iD Tech also offered virtual summer tech camps and has plans to host summer camps again in 2022.

Summer 2022 Technology Opportunities for Kids

The X Kids

The X Kids offered completely online summer camp opportunities in 2021 and focused on three main activities: Dungeons & Dragons, Programming, and Minecraft. The Programming activity focused on Python or Scratch Programming lessons, while Dungeons & Dragons and Minecraft focused on learning through playing the game

Although their 2022 summer class information is not yet posted, it’s worth looking now to get a feel for the classes that took place this year.

Lavner Education

Online Tech camps, with over fifty virtual options to choose from. Their summer schedule is weekly, three hours per day, with live instruction. Course options in 2021 included Scratch Coding, STEM & Medicine, 3D innovation Design with Minecraft, Game Design & Competitions with Roblox, and more.

Lavner Education also offers private lessons and online tutoring. This past summer, sessions began in June and ran through the end of August.

Tech Know How

Tech Know How offered four summer camp options including LEGO®, Minecraft, Coding, and Robotics. Camps were offered in-person, and online, and in a small group setting. During the “off” months, their team is focused on developing a new, original curriculum to help ensure courses are focused on the latest technology and lessons are up to date.

If you’re looking to augment your child’s learning, help them explore a new side of technology, or want to plan for Summer 2022, these kid-focused, technology-first, courses and camps are worth the look. Fuel their minds and their interests, and you never know what great things they will achieve.

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