Focused On Family And Cybersecurity

Family first. That seems to be the mantra of Jason Korotkin, one of the Project Engineers at Intivix. He’s been with us since mid-2020 and has been supporting clients ever since. From providing advice on client’s business requirements to consulting and acting as an escalation point, he is a bit of a go-to guy. Focused on the details, but looking at things holistically, he works with clients to dig deeper, and apply best practices to client needs.

Jason lives in the Sacramento, CA area with his wife, three kids, two dogs, and one cat. A full house for sure, but it is certainly a house full of love and support. Jason, and his wife Danielle, have been married for six years. They met online, and together they enjoy quiet time when they can get it, along with dinners and walks around their neighborhood or along trails near the river.

What is Normal?

On normal days however, their focus is on the kids, ages 11, 5 and 1 ½. Yes, they have their hands full, but they would not have it any other way. His oldest daughter (11) enjoys drawing and painting, while their son (5) is getting into team sports, like soccer. The youngest, well she enjoys moving about the house and typically sleeps through the night. This family of five loves to head outdoors to enjoy family walks along the river, go swimming or enjoy time playing in the backyard. And, when time permits, they head to Northern CA for a short weekend trip. They enjoy visiting the coast and taking in all its beauty.

When Jason’s two younger children are asleep, you may catch Jason, Danielle, and his older daughter playing the online game, Among Us. A mixture of survival and who dun-it, the family joins a few older cousins online to successfully complete tasks, and not get voted out of the game.

If Jason does have a bit of downtime, you might find him reading. Typically, he will be reading content related to work to keep up with trends, but you might also catch him with a Sci-Fi Fantasy book.



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