Office 365 Tips & Tricks: Sharing Your Calendar With Someone Outside Of The Company

Occasionally, or perhaps frequently, a meeting needs to be scheduled with someone outside of your organization. Typically when this happens, emails are sent back and forth trying to identify a good time that works for those attending the meeting.

If you’re using Microsoft Office, you can skip a lot of that back and forth by sending your availability to the person/people that you are trying to schedule a meeting with. Here’s how:

  • Create a new email addressed to the person that you would like to schedule a meeting with
  • Click insert at the top of your email
  • Click on the calendar icon
  • Decide what calendar information you would like to share
  • Click “show time within my working hours only”
  • Click on the appropriate date range, or specify dates
  • Click okay
  • The calendar is added to your email
  • Add any relevant details to the body of your email and hit send

Quick, simple and it could save you, and the other person, a lot of frustration.

Interested in a video tutorial showing you how to share your availability with someone outside of the company? We’ve got you covered — check out the Tips & Tricks — Sharing Outlook Calendar Availability on our YouTube channel. And be sure to hit subscribe to receive more great Office 365 tips!

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