Pushing The Boundaries Of IT

When you’re experiencing an IT issue and you desperately call the IT Help Desk for support, a friendly and calming voice gives you an instant feeling of relief. That’s the feeling you’ll get if you ever happen to chat with Chris, a member of our Help Desk Team.

Chris has been with Intivix for roughly 7 months, and in that time, he has supported numerous clients with a variety of IT challenges. Chris focuses on the daily IT issues that arise and works toward fixing them quickly so that clients can get back to their day.

This role fits Chris’ overall approach of wanting to solve challenges and aligns with his childhood. Chris was always involved with technology growing up; it’s been his comfort zone. Though he certainly pushes the boundaries of his comfort zone. As a child, he tried assembling PCs as a side engagement, and today he pushes his own boundaries by constantly learning, asking questions, and uncovering how more complex issues were solved.

Chris was born, raised, and lives in the Philippines. He currently lives with his girlfriend, Roxanne. The two met after Chris graduated college, and they’ve been together ever since — roughly 9 years. Together, they enjoy experimenting with new cuisines. Either cooking it at home or going to exotic restaurants in the mountains. Between the two of them, Roxanne is more of the cook and especially likes baking. And, Chris is happy to sample the cakes and cookies that she’ll bake up.

The pair also enjoys visiting with Roxanne’s family, who live about three hours from them. Chris’ parents, sister and younger brother have all moved to the United States. But, that doesn’t stop the family bonding — they stay in touch via frequent video chats, which keep the family fun going.

Traveling is definitely an interest for Chris, especially when you pair it with the opportunity to visit new restaurants. His travels have taken him to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore — and the food there was great! But, when it comes down to it all, his favorite food is dim sum. Dim sum is a traditional Chinese dish of dumplings and other snacks. It is worth trying (take it from Chris)!

Chris is also a big fan of movies, especially action and comedy movies. They give his brain a little break from the highly technical thoughts taking place all day. Rush Hour (pretty much all of them), and the Marvel series are his go-to movies. He’s also a Harry Potter fan and has attempted to read the books, which is a work in progress.

Working out also tops his list of things to do, especially after work. He likes to focus on weightlifting and will “hit the gym” around 3–4 times per week. When possible, he’ll also jump into a pick-up basketball game. It’s his favorite sport and has been for a number of years, including when he played Varsity basketball in high school. Prior to that he played soccer, but that fizzled out a bit when basketball came into the picture.

And, when he needs a bit of a break from working out, he likes to sample different beers. At this point he’s focused on local beers, but he’s looking forward to trying more specialty beers — perhaps during an upcoming vacation.

While Chris may be a man of few words, his words are impactful and genuine. If you happen to get the chance to chat with him when you call the Help Desk line, you can be sure that he won’t stop until your IT challenge is solved. And, you’ll have that feeling of calm while he’s working on it.



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