company Southern Hospitality Meets IT. Get To Know Scott.

It can be rare to meet a “sales” person and feel comfortable and at ease when chatting with them, versus feeling like you are being sold to. But, if you ever have the opportunity to interact with Scott, our Pre-Sales Engineer, that’s what you will feel — comfortable, at ease, and that you are being heard. That’s just Scott’s personality, making him an excellent fit for the roll and Intivix.

As a Pre-Sales Engineer, Scott focuses on understanding the prospective client’s needs and their objectives and working internally to put together a baseline estimate. This process takes a lot of listening, asking questions, and project management skills, which suits Scott perfectly since his background is in project management and IT. Great combination for this role. And Scott’s southern hospitality vibe doesn’t hurt either. Except it’s not just a vibe, it’s a genuine interest in the prospects and customers he works with.

California to Texas

Scott is originally from Texas, but he spent almost 30 years living in California. He put down roots, started a family, and stayed in California until his son began attending UCI. At which point Scott headed back to Texas, and has been living in the small, rural town of Tyler, for the past four years. His son, on the other hand, has since graduated from UCI and decided to stay in California to pursue a career.

Texas is a great spot for Scott. His mom, step-dad, uncle, and grandfather (a WW2 veteran) still live there, as well as his girlfriend, Krisa. Scott and Krisa enjoy watching the Doctor Who series Locke & Key, and taking trips on Scott’s Harley, a Road King. They also enjoy boating, which works out great because they live about 15–20 minutes from a lake. That beautiful Texas weather gives them plenty of opportunities to go boating on Scott’s pontoon boat. And it is on a regular basis!

Traditions and Memories

Scott also enjoys playing poker. Playing poker is actually a family tradition for Scott. One of his fondest memories is playing poker with his grandparents as a child. They had this big coffee can full of pennies that would be used to play poker at pretty much every holiday or other family get togethers. The love of poker, and other card games, has stuck with Scott, and it’s something that he has passed down to his son as well. It has also spurred a purchase that he considers one of his most prized possession — a custom poker chip set. The set is casino quality and customized to the colors and in the case that he selected.

Endeavors in Filmmaking

But, Scott has other interests as well. You see, Scott loves movies, and while he was living in CA, he decided that he wanted to learn how to make them. Naturally, he took an online course and picked up a few skills, which led to him creating a short film in 2016. But he didn’t stop there. He supported others in their filmmaking endeavors and supported the work on three other films. In fact, one of those films that he helped with was played at the Louisiana Film Festival. And, although that film didn’t win, it captured the eyes of many people in attendance. And, while life has nudged Scott out of film/sound editing and production for the short term, he’s hopeful that he can get back into it over the coming years.

Scott’s also a bit of a tinkerer and has been since he was a kid. Back in the day, he would pick up a copy of Popular Mechanics and work through the projects that they included in the magazine. Today, you might catch him using his CNC machine or 3D printer to work on or test out a project. Luckily, his girlfriend has her own hobby of crafting, so the two make a great pair.

Our Next Vacation Spot

The pair is also in agreement on their next vacation spot — Atlantis in the Bahamas. There’s a beautiful hotel there with warm water and a nicely sized casino that is calling Scott’s name!

Beyond Atlantis, a great vacation spot for Scott would be on a lake somewhere, with a fishing pole in his hand. Scott has been to Hawaii and Europe in the past, however. The culture, food, and cappuccinos in Europe were phenomenal! But, sometimes, you just can’t beat being on a boat in the middle of a lake in the States.

Scott’s also a big reader. He’s constantly reading articles on Slashdot, and other tech pubs. Reading is actually how he got into cryptocurrency nearly a decade ago. He initially began mining bitcoin and has since bought the setup to mine crypto. He took the time to research it and really learn more about it before jumping in, but now he’s got the knowledge and really enjoys talking about it (and giving you tips on what not to do).

If you do have the chance to talk with Scott on the phone or via video call, know that he will go above and beyond for you. He’ll be there to answer your questions, help make your job a bit easier, if he can, and will happily chat about his favorite places to go boating (there may be a few!).



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