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What’s Your Type? Managed or Co-Managed IT

According to a recent survey, “83% percent of decision-makers with in-house cybersecurity teams are considering outsourcing to a managed service provider (MSP).” If we were sharing this information in the form of a presentation, there would be a long pause while that number sunk in. Eighty-three percent! That is a pretty substantial number. And it leads to an obvious question — why?

In the Office to Remote Workforce

It ties back to the past year (you know, the joy that was 2020) and the major shift that numerous organizations had to embrace with basically zero warning — the switch to a remote workforce. Why on earth would a change like that impact cybersecurity choices so much? Because a number of organizations were not prepared to handle the shift to remote work. Nor did they have the expertise in-house to handle the shift. And they didn’t have the staff to support the speed of the shift. Things would likely have been different if the shift to remote work had been gradual, but as we all know, it wasn’t, and that left many internal IT teams scrambling to figure things out quickly.

Cybersecurity of it All

And, while teams were scrambling to figure out how to transition cybersecurity efforts from a primarily location-based approach to a remote scenario, cyber-criminals did what they do best. They attacked. At the start of COVID-19 the survey indicates that “77% of IT leaders said cyber-attacks were more frequent.” So, not only are the internal IT teams tasked with figuring out how to protect employees, business data and devices, through a major shift, but they are now facing an increase in cyberattacks. They were essentially put in one of those proverbial rock and a hard place situations. Many internal IT teams rose to the challenge and did what they could. Others reached out to outsourced cybersecurity teams, like Intivix, to get their cybersecurity plans back on track.

Disaster Recovery

But now that most of the dust has settled, a big looming question hangs out there with IT leaders — what could possibly be next? It’s a good question, and frankly, we don’t have the answer. Who could? We do, however, work strategically with our clients to plan for worst-case scenario situations, plan for disaster recovery scenarios and encourage our clients to invest in appropriate cybersecurity technology. And, we encourage you to do the same with your business.


We also offer tips and insights on our blog, an MSP IT checklist, and cybersecurity assessments to help organizations understand what is working and where a cybercriminal could find an opening in a business. Many newer clients found this cybersecurity assessment to be quite valuable over the past year.

But with all of that said, if you’re in that large percentage of IT leaders looking to outsource your IT in the next few months, contact us through our website or give us a call at (415) 231 1556 and ask for Kraig. We can meet you virtually and determine if we are a good fit to support your cybersecurity needs.

Intivix offers managed and co-managed IT consulting services that let you stop worrying about problems, and empower you to focus on your business.