Another account…another new, unique, hard to crack, extra-long; make sure you include numbers and symbols, and turn it into a passphrase, password. And make sure you aren’t re-using any piece of any other password that you’ve created. Oh, and make sure you can remember it!

Ugh! The amount of thought…

Adventure can come in many forms. Living in multiple countries, traveling as often as possible, and choosing a career where every day is different, are just a few examples. And, Taras, one of the Help Desk Engineers at Intivix, chose all of those examples, as well as a few more.

Apple is taking a big stride forward in the world of personal health and well-being with the recent iOS15 launch. They are making it easier, and far less manual, for individuals to share health and wellness information with their physician, through their electronic media records, via the Health app.


We’re heading into the holiday season — yep, we said it. It’s the last few months of the year which means the potential for more family time, more cooking and baking, shopping, celebrating, and everything that comes along with the holidays. And, to top it off, the ongoing stress of…


Intivix offers managed and co-managed IT consulting services that let you stop worrying about problems, and empower you to focus on your business.

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